Happy 4th of July!


Today is a day to celebrate for all my American readers. It’s important to remember that today is not only a time for barbecues and fireworks, but it’s also a time to give thanks.

This year, the 4th has even more to celebrate. Within recent weeks the entire United States has now recognized gay marriage. While the battle for LGBT equality is still going strong, this is a large victory for the community and we should celebrate it. America is growing, and we should take the time to honor her, including all past and present soldiers who fight for our freedom. I’m very grateful to be in this land, and I hope that we will continue to grow as a country. I believe that one day we will achieve many great things.

Please stay safe out there and remember to consider all pets, small children, and veterans when launching off your fireworks. While it’s really nice to see a spectacular display in the sky, not everyone can handle it and we should be courteous.


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