The writing of Aberrancy

My reading interests started with the darker aspects of fiction. When I was young, I listened to fairytales and waited for the interesting parts where the bad witch, evil sorcerer, or sinister queen plotted against the protagonist. That was where the real story began for me, not the fluffy happiness of king, queen, and their cute little princely offspring. Despite Grimm’s Fairytales’ heavy rewrites (sometimes the stories were romanticized, other times they were turned into a festival of gore) they remain the ultimate collection of short stories that touch on some of the very rudimentary, sinister human traits.

Aberrancy is no fairytale; it’s Robert’s gloomy journey into madness brought about by his inability to let go. A witch ruined his perfect life and she had to pay no matter the cost to his career, personal life, and sanity. As a result, I researched “determination” as a personal attribute and came across many heartwarming stories of dreams come true and goals reached because these people wouldn’t give up on their dreams.

But what if what they had were nightmares instead of dreams? What if, for argument’s sake, these people’s objectives were wrong? Worse still, what if they were right?

With these questions in mind, Aberrancy was born.

I’m still not sure if Robert should’ve just went on with his life, whatever was left of it.


Her arms were secured to the wooden chair’s arms with six coils of duct tape. The same was done to her feet and the chair’s legs. Another set of layers—twelve to be exact—secured her midsection to its back.

“I don’t have much,” she said. “Take whatever jewelry I have. Take my bank card and pin code, just let me go.”

He slammed his hand on the table, the solitary candle shook without toppling to the ground. The bottle of fizz did though, and was smashed on the floor. “I don’t want your money.”

“Then what do you want?” Liquid leaked out of her eyes, presumably tears.


Her glistening eyes shifted sideways. “What?”

“You heard me. Proper and reasonable answers will be your salvation.”

“Answers to what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t even know you.” Under her breath, she muttered to herself, “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.”

“You thought I wouldn’t find you.” He smirked.

She inhaled sharply. “My name is Delia Kane. I’m a—”

“—high school history teacher,” he mocked. “A small town spinster who hasn’t taken a single step out of her little town except to relocate here to teach.” He paused. “Isn’t this the spiel nowadays to connect with your abductor? To humanize yourself by spilling a summary of your bio no matter how fake it is?”

She blinked sweat out of her eyes. “That’s my life you’re talking about. Hold on a second…how come you know so much about me?” She squinted at him, studying his face. “Who are you?”

The night was humid. His borrowed orderly shirt was sticking to his back. “Who am I?” He backhanded her hard enough to hurt his hand. “Stop playing tricks. You might not know how I found you this time but you know damn well who I am.”

She sniffled; mucus ran out of her crooked nose. “I swear to God, I don’t know you. There must be a mistake.”

Surely she could make out his face in the dim light. Then again, maybe she’d lost her memory from the last accident she had. Or, as per her habit, she was lying.

He glanced at the microwave’s clock. Twelve o’clock. It had taken her over four hours to awaken from the drug he’d injected her with, longer than he’d anticipated going by his wake-up record. Unlike him, her body wasn’t used to it.

“Maybe I should tell you a story. You know, to help you remember.” They had time. No one would stop by at this late hour on a school night.

And if anyone showed up, he would introduce their guts to her butcher knife.



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Su Halfwerk writes in the horror and paranormal romance genres. From a tender age, the written word left a strong impression on her, later on terrifying, blood-chilling books became the object of her interest. Su’s style in horror combines shuddery terror with elements of surprise; some would even call it an enigmatic twist. In the world of paranormal romance, she transforms the desire to scare into a quest to seduce and tantalize.

When not writing, Su is designing book trailers for herself and other authors.



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  1. Just an observation…not everyone uses FB or Twitter, so perhaps one should take that into consideration when making up the rules for unlocking the Rafflecopter entries. Thanks for the excerpt, sounds like a spine-chilling tale!


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