Taxes for Writers: 1099-MISC

So what is a 1099-MISC and why do I keep talking about it? Well, in this final post for my tax segment, I’ll discuss what exactly a 1099-MISC is.

Basically, a 1099-MISC is the form that just reports all your royalties you received from one person/entity that year. It’s similar to the W-2 you’d receive from your day job employer. If you’re publishing through a publishing house, they’ll be responsible for filling out and sending you the 1099-MISC. If you’re self-published and didn’t publish through a site like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), then you’re responsible for the 1099-MISC.

→Did you know? Amazon and your publishing house should have sent you a 1099-MISC if you published through them. These forms were required to be sent out by January 31st.

You’re going to complete the Schedule C of your 1099-MISC. Please note: you don’t actually send in the 1099-MISC. That is for your records only. This form is simply to help you fill out your tax information.

If you self-published and you aren’t receiving any kind of 1099-MISC form*, then simply pick up a form at a local office supply store. You can usually find them at Office Max or Staples.

*Post self-publish sites now provide tools and services to help you with this form and will even send them out to you. Just look at their FAQ page or tax section to find out if they do.


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